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A convention is the evener and more modern way of communication and exchange of information. Perhaps the most complex and most demanding kind of tourism, framed by simple or even complicated services.
The success of each congress should not only be well-organised, but economical as well and this is our job.

TORNASOL AVENTURA EVENTS manned with experienced personnel will give you the possibility to select the services that you need for the organisation of a successful convention on your choice.

  Part of our offered services is:
- Choice of Destination and congress centre.
- Configuration of space of conduct of congress.
- Planning and economic budget of congress.
- Organisation of social events of congress.
- Complementary leisure, culture, sport, motivation and incentive activities program.
- Management of summaries, presentations and speakers.
- Provision of Tourist related Services (Accommodation, transports etc.).
- Organisation of Audiovisual equipment.
- Translations.
- Forming and managing of reports.
- Secretarial Support.
- Children facilities if they are joining the congress/ meeting.